I'm Here For Birthing People..

We're all currently living in such a strange time. There's so much anxiety, uncertainty and depending on your household, a lot of loneliness. To be pregnant during this time will bring its own additional challenges for birthing people and their families.

When I saw a call for participants for a project being led by Mars Lord, the amazing doula, educator and birth activist from Abuela Doulas, I jumped at the chance. The premise was simple, it was to spread a message of positivity of togetherness and support to those who may have been feeling scared, not as supported as they would have liked during the pandemic and also a reminder that they were not alone.

Midwives, Doula's, Student Midwives, Hypnobirthing instructors, birth educators, feeding and babywearing specialists all came together to deliver this simple but heartfelt message to birthing people everywhere. I felt immensely proud to be a part of it :)

Check out the full video below.

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